V0.0.2 (3/3/23)

This version set up a script to make the volume slider on the options menu added in the previous version work, by changing the volume mixer for the games
master volume to the value indicated on the slider by the player, furthermore this version added a graphics dropdown menu in the options page which was coded
and allows the player to change the built-in unity quality/graphics settings to a better graphical setting of their choice between Low and Ultra, hopefully,
this should make the game run smoother on low-end devices.

### – Added

  • Added Code and settings to allow the volume slider to work as intended
  • Added Code and settings to allow the Player to change the graphics quality of the game
  • Added Quality text layer on UI Canvas
  • Added Dropdown menu to Control game quality on UI Canvas – Changes

### – Changes

  • Updated CHANGELOG.md To include a new entry
  • Changed UI layering back to Main_Menu first for testing purposes

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