Kessler’s Business plan

As part of the twelfth week on Kessler’s development I attended an optional accelerator course hosted by members of Barclays eagle Labs in which they helped us to pitch our games as business plans and talk about our games with other like minded folk.

The main focus of the first day of this two day course took place in Portsmouth at Barclays Eagle Lab within the city, which is part of Portsmouth University, was to get us to talk about our games, create business plans for them and then pitch them to the Group.

I came up with the following business plan for Kessler on this day:

Key partners

Unity, Adobe, Xbox, Steam

Key Activities

Max – Design

Max – Development

Max – Artwork

Robin – Music

Maisy – Voice Acting

Key Resources

Discord Community server

Company email address

Lore Wiki page (website)

Revenue streams

The sales on Steam and donations from downloads

Cost to make

Voice acting Payments – £20 (as of 13/05/23)

Music Licenses – No cost so far as music made by student

Youtube Adverts

Production costs


Customer relationships

Friendly, educational, supportive, child friendly

Customer Segments

10+, Youtube, Children, Streamers, Walking simulator genre lovers, players of similar games like “Night in the woods”


Steam, Nintendo, Xbox Creators program, ID@XBOX

Value proposition

“Unlike other sidescrolling platformers our game provides interesting lore for the player to find”

“Helps players aged 10 years and above to learn about the dangers of space pollution”

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