Meet The team

Kessler is a game made as part of a university project made by Max Clay. However, the game was no made entirely by Max others help in the development of Kessler as well.

Max Clay – Game designer/Developer

Hi im max and I am the game designer behind this game “Kessler” I created Kessler as part of my final year project for university

the game is designed and coded by me however, I didn’t make this game entirely alone, I receive help from others along the way

Maisy Dodd – Voice actor (Donald)

Maisy is an acting student friend of mine who is looking into doing voice work, so i got her help to voice the most important voice of my game, that being the main character of Donald

Maisy’s voice acting work is incredible and amazing and the emotion she gives to the voice line really draws the player into the emotions that Donald is feeling

Robin Clark – Musical Composer

Robin is a music student at the university of Southampton, who during the creation of kessler i was able to work closely with to create musical pieces for the game.

Robin created two pieces of music for Kessler one for the games main menu heavily inspired by Bethesda’s fallout 4 menu music but sticking true to the child friendly nature of Kessler. As well as a calming piece of music that ramps up getting more and more dramatic leading to a massive climax then silence used for the ending of the game.

Other credits

During the creation of Kessler I got help and aid from lots of people and resources in different ways. the most notable being help from Tim Stephenson as the voice for the grandfather and father NPC’s who is a voice actor who I hired on Fiverr for this role.

Special thanks

All playtesters (john handsard gallery, Barclays games frenzy, uni Soton open days, science fair)
Brackeys (Youtube channel)
Uni Soton lectures Adam/Sid/james/Emma/Ross/Maddi
Barclays eagle labs

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