About Kessler

Kessler is a small indie game designed and developed by Max Clay (A final year games design and Art student at the University of Southampton) which is a 2D sidescrolling Walking simulator/lore finding adventure game.

Ravaged by falling debris and celestial bodies, the world of “Kessler” is destroyed and in a post-apocalyptic state, society has become divided living in secluded undergrown bunkers in order to ensure the survival of humanity.

The game follows a young resident of one of these bunkers called Donald (They/Them) who is a very curious teenager who was born after the collapse.

Donald has never seen anything outside the confinements of the bunker and spent most of their life asking their elders questions about the outside but receiving the same answer every time or getting very vague and misleading answers.

However, One day Donald has had enough of receiving the same answer and decides to go and see the outside for themself, follow Donald on their journey in search of answers and uncover the mysteries of the old world.

Kessler – Official Trailer (Youtube)

The Video Above is the official trailer for Kessler showcasing the story of Kessler in a short and teasing fashion…

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